A COCA LEAF RESEARCH CENTER with three main goals: Research and Education on Coca Plants, Conservation of the Mother Earth and Integrative Medicine.



   The secret history of the coca plant persecution since the begining of capitalism in Potosi at 1545  up to  Coca Cola in the XXI century and the monopoly on legal cocaine.

COCA EXPO fills one of the main objetives of Coca Wasi: to EDUCATE people about the real history of the coca plant and a better way to live.

Coca Wasi offers you the chance to know and understand the world of coca: its beneficial effects to the human body, stimulating power, food, healing and aphrodisiac effects.

You can learn to “akullicar” or chew coca, as did the Incas or know the stimulatory effect of this plant savoring our coca sweets, coca liqueur, coca flour, and other legal derivatives of the coca plant.

Coca Wasi” a Quechua word meaning the House of Coca, is the only place in Bolivia where you can meet a real coca plantation, considered sacred by almost all Andean cultures.

Here, the Incas cultivated the coca plant since five thousands years ago.Agriculture of the sacred plant of the Incas is a knowledge acquired through millennia, but now at your fingertips just minutes from the town of Coroico at two hours from La Paz.

How to arrive?

It is located near Coroico in the Andean foothills, stretching from the Amazon, known as the Yungas.


If you are coming by bus o taxi (two hours from La Paz by the New Road) you will first arrive Coroico where you can ask a taxi (it will charge you 10 $us for 5 persons).) The New Road with fantastics views is all paved .
If you come by bike, like many, you will see on your right COCA WASI, 10 minutes before the end of your journey through the The Death Road.

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