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Dr. Jorge Hurtado Gumucio and Dr. Roxana Miranda Larrea are the main staff at Coca Wasi. Both founded the Coca Museum in La Paz – Bolivia in July 26th, 1997. Dr. Hurtado is a psychiatrist drug specialist and expert on the coca plant. Currently, he is the Director of the International Coca Research Institute (ICORI) and author of :

– Cocaine: In search o flost paradise . CEDIB Edti 1984. Bolivia. 120 pg. (Spanish)
– Cocaine, the legend. 1995. Edit. Hisbol. Bolvia. 115 pg. (English)
– Cocaine, le legende. Edit Du Lezard 1996. Paris, France. (French).
– Coca Inquisition. Fiction. (in press)
– Documentary: “Weed: The Secret History of coca”. Bolivia 2005.

Dra. Roxana Miranda Larrea  is an especialist in Internal and integrative  medicine, investigator of ICORI, author of books:

– Normas de diagnóstico y tratamiento en Medicina Interna ( 2 ed.)
– Normas de Diagnóstico y tratamiento en Emergencias.
– Manual de evaluación y acreditación para establecimientos de salud de primer, segundo y tercer nivel.

Currently both doctors are conducting research on the medical application of the coca leaf at Coca Wasi:

– Treatment for cocaine dependence chewing coca.
– Treatment of gastroesophageal reflux.
– Coca and diabetes.
– Coca y osteoporosis
– Coca: the fountain of youth.

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